OUr focus

Services & Experiences

Leadership Consulting

Helping executives, business owners and upcoming leaders grow their organization, their people and themselves.

Active Search and Recruiting

We provide guidance and time leverage to find the right talent for businesses through identifying and interviewing candidates.

Talent Strategy and Acquisition Consulting

We help companies, from fortune 500 firms to start ups, build plans to attract and retain top talent.

Executive and Employee Study Groups

We build,, customize and facilitate both internal and external study groups for professional service firms.

Candidate Decision Consulting and Interviewing

We provide outside perspective to business owners and hiring managers by interviewing candidates to help them make the right decision.

Leadership and Talent Attraction & Development Research

We create customized research projects for our clients using current trends and our daily conversations with the marketplace.

Exit Plan Consulting

As a CEPA, we help business owners assess the readiness and attractiveness of their business and work to increase the income and value of the their companies prior to a potential sale.

Career Strategy Coaching

We assist driven professionals in developing and executing a career game plan to help them get where they want to go.

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