Bio- Eddy Ricci, CFP ®

Eddy Ricci, CFP ®

Eddy is the founding partner of Pontem Professional Partners (dba of The Growth Game LLC) a leadership consulting and talent acquisition firm and Lead Advisor, LLC., a wealth management collective focused on growing practices, firms and careers.    

Leadership Authority and #1 Best Selling Author, Erik Qualman has shared, “Ricci understands what motivates Gen Y teams. He is on my radar and should be on yours.”  Former Chairman of Publicis Kaplan Thaler, Linda Kaplan Thaler has shared, “Ricci possesses a rare blend of creativity, strong business skills and an ability to connect with people.”

Eddy helps business owners, fortune 500 executives and growing professionals think and act creatively about leadership development and building talented firms.  He works with entrepreneurs on entry, expansion and also exiting planning as a certified exit planning advisor. 

He has been published or quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Fox Business News and has given keynotes at various organizations.  He is the author of The Growth Game: A Millennial’s Guide to Professional Development.  He is also the creator of Miss Money Plan & The Battle Against E-motion, a financial literacy book for kids and the adults that read with them!

Eddy is an angel investor and has been a keynote speaker for various companies and events.  Throughout his career he has started served on alumni leadership councils and co-chaired a diversity and inclusion council. He is a graduate of New York University and is married with two daughters.  

Where do you live? 

 Saunderstown, RI


 New York University 

Favorite Childhood Toy or Games: 

 Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Wrestling

Favorite Book or Authors: 

 Good To Great, Rework and Essentialism

Favorite Restaurant:   

 Al Forno (Providence), 

Carbone, Strip House, Raouls (NYC)

Favorite Meal: 

 Veal or Lamb Chop  (and so many others)

Favorite Drink: 

 Coffee and many red grapes

Favorite Month: 

 May & September

Favorite Show: 

Jeopardy, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Redzone

Favorite Movie: 

 Meet The Parents, Pulp Fiction, Boiler Room

Favorite Sports Team: 


Favorite Musicians/Band: 

Arctic Monkeys, Jay – Z, The Strokes, 90’s alternative 

Favorite Podcast or Blog: 


Favorite cities beside current hometown: 

 New York, Boston, San Francisco 

Best Vacation: 

Anywhere with the family-  whether beaches, cities or theme parks!

Favorite Charity: 

 Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Favorite Fictional Character: 

The Joker or any other Jack Nicholson character

Ideal Weekend Day Looks Like…. 

Work out, big breakfast and doing something with the family (either by the ocean or in a city). 


 Studying businesses, wine, golf, fantasy sports, writing. 

Favorite Quote: 

“There is no traffic on the extra mile.”    “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.”  “Macro patience, micro urgency.”

Best piece of feedback you have ever received: 

Understanding what personal responsibility really means very early in my career.  

Thought leaders you follow: 

 Alan Weiss & Erik Qualman

Why Lead Advisor, LLC? 


 To help upgrade the lifestyles.  To continue to grow through the unique art of building a company from scratch.  


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